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Design of Persian and Oriental Rugs

Distinct types of patterns in Oriental Rugs have developed in various districts. By identifying the pattern of the field one can distinguish among four basic types:

⦁    Medallion Design
⦁    All-over or repeat
⦁    Representational
⦁    Niche and tree

Medallion:  This design features a field in a solid color, or with small designs surrounding a central medallion.

Repeat:  A repeat design consists of a dense, repeating geometric pattern that is cut off at the borders of the rug.

Representational:  The third major group, representational, depicts people and animals, often in story situations.

Niche and tree:  Uniform from a style aspect, the patterns in Niche and tree may vary considerably.
A main border and narrower secondary border or guard surrounds typical field designs in Oriental Rugs. Chinese Oriental Rugs, however, include a number of special types outside this classification. Rugs produced by nomadic tribes may differ from those made by the settled population in that they are woven more intuitively without reference to any pattern or drawing. These are generally smaller, with geometric and stylized design. Settled weavers usually work from a pre-designed pattern or cartoon and are thus able to produce carpets with richer, more varied designs.

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